168u premium

Item 168U Premium
External Dimensions 6040mm length, 2440mm +1460 mm filter+220mm fan widths , 3040mm+ 200mm lifting gear height
Internal Dimensions 5970 mm length, 2370mm +1420 mm filter widths , 2850mm height
Miner Capacity 168 Unit (S19Pro) 240 unit (S9)
Weight 4000kg
Container Chassis U frame 120mm
Body Sandwich panel
Power  790kw
Internal Electricity Copper busbar & 1*16 cables for each shelf
Power Distribution Board 3 boards with a main 400 switch and 29 3-phase 63A 10KV switches
Shelf Specs uses dynamic metal shelves that enable you to use any miner of any size.

Every shelf can contain 12 S9 or 8 S19 miners and each plug socket is designed for 13 Amp.

Network Cables Cat 6 UTP +Cat 6 sftp for uplink
Network Switch Manageable Switch(Cisco) 24 Port – Cisco3750
Cooling System Vamper – 8 Axial Fans 25000m3/h
Filtering System G4 dust filter
Placement up to 3 of these boxes can be stacked on each other.
Customizable Features ● Temperature sensors
● Humidity sensors
● Motion sensors
● Smart Doors
● Power meter
● Extra fans and cooling systems
● Remote access”
Price  $30,000
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