Item 162U Economy
External Dimensions  6058mm length, 2438mm width, 2951 mm height
Internal Dimensions  5898mm length, 2352 width, height 2351
Miner Capacity  162 unit  (S19Pro) 216 unit  (S9)
Weight  2500 kg
Container Chassis  H 120mm
Body  Metal sheet
Power  790kw
Internal Electricity  1×16 cables, each section is equipped with
15 units PDU, 15A per unit
Power Distribution Board  3 boards with a main 400 switch and 29
3-phase 63A 10KA switches- PDU 16 unit
Shelf Specs  Metal floors with wood fiber  bottom 30 cm height
Network Cables  Cat 5 UTP +Cat 6 sftp for uplink
Network Switch  Unmangbel Switch 16 Port –  Cisco3750
Cooling System  Vamper – 8 Axial Fans 25000m3/h
Filtering System  G4 dust filter
Placement  singel container or duplex container
Customizable Features  ● Temperature sensors
● Humidity sensors
● Motion sensors
● Smart Doors
● Power meter
● Extra fans and cooling systems
● Remote access
Price 20,000$
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